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Blueprint Design


Field Data Collection App

EnergySMAC is a Home Energy Rating portal featuring innovative methods to collect and use field data for ratings and input back into the Accredited Rating Software for processing.


You can choose from any number of ways to capture data fields, including location (lat-lon), barcode scanning of equipment, electric and gas meters, etc., pictures, audio notes, signature capture, lookup of stored data based on f​ield findings, etc.


You name it - the possibilities are endless!

HVAC Design

With a licensed Professional Engineer on staff we offer HVAC design services (ACCA Manual J Load Calcs, Manual S equipment Selection, and Manual D duct design). We have experience with both Wrightsoft and Elite Software.

Urban Architecture Model
Industrial Worker

Build Mobile Business Apps Faster Than Ever


Sophisticated Offline Operation and Embedded Business Logic
Alpha Software is the foundation for our EnergySMAC platform in both the mobile data collection app and the database, all built using Alpha Anywhere.
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